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I love cooking, gossip (and therefore dinner parties), and a good book now and again. I am also a Lay Ecclesial Minister who needs a place to talk about all the stuff I really shouldn't mention while working at a church.

I am married to Mr. Man, a corporate lawyer who regrets selling his soul to the devil. He is currently thinking about renegotiating his contract with Dr. Evil. Keep your fingers crossed.

What's so "dirty" about "Dirty Catholic?" Well, other than the fact that I use curse words and make occasional jokes about sex, the title actually refers to my belief in finding God amid the messy muck of life. The added benefit, of course, is that the type of people who'd see "Dirty Catholic" on the mighty interwebs and would want to click on it are exactly the kind of people I would like to be friends with.

In other developments, I have 6 pet chickens, a garden in my front yard, and my Mr. Man and I are trying to convince someone to give us their baby in a process more formally known as open adoption.

You don't think my archives make any sense? Well, neither do I. But here's a shorthand:
Confessional Friday- My Weekly Confessions
Eat Me!- Recipies
Halle-friggin-lujah!- Things I'm really really really excited about. Really.
Jesus & Pals- About Jesus, saints, and church
Like You do...- Someone did something weird
My Relations- About my family and the in-laws
Resources- Things that are cool or will help you
Snippets- Funny pieces of conversation and bits o' my life
Talk to me, Baby!- Where I ask your opinion
Things that Suck!- Things that suck!
Wedded Wackiness- About Mr. Man and marriage
Will this get me into heaven?- Ranting about working for the church

I hope you enjoy this weblog!